My first blog post

It’s 2016 and this is my first blog. I know what you’re thinking, why now? Well I intended to create a blog a while back but it lacked an aim or thread of looping it together. In fact, my first post titled ‘Beyond the screen’ written in October 2012 was destined to sit alongside all the other posts and ideas in Evernote.
After graduating in Human Computer Interaction I approached the world with an philosophic mindset, questioning the why of everything. I specialised in understanding human emotion with technology so my notes were all about human behaviour, digital relationships and mental perceptions. Fast forward 4 years and things are much different, my notebook is full with agile processes, digital strategies and organisational change.
This blog is about reconnecting myself to the dreamer, designer and experimenter who once thought that change doesn’t just happen; you need to create, play and tinker. This will be my platform to test, learn and refine ideas and thoughts. I began the year with wanting to do more and this will be how I tell the story.